White Carpathian Mountains


Hotel Háj is in the picturesque area of the Horňácko Region, at the edge of the village of Nová Lhota. Horňácko is one of the eastern-most points in our country, separated from Slovakia by the ridges of the White Carpathians. The unique, natural wealth of Horňácko forms the character of this rare and preserved landscape. With an extensive diversity of species, it is typical of the entire White Carpathian Protected Landscape Area. A blue hiking trail wanders past the hotel and leads to Velká Javořina (970 metres above sea-level), the tallest peak in the White Carpathians.

hiking, cycling, skiing

The ideal place for your active holiday and perfect rest and relaxation. The entire area offers wonderful opportunities for hiking and cycling. The White Carpathians were declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The landscape below the White Carpathian has its own special allure in the winter, when skiers are drawn to the groomed and natural cross-country ski routes and downhill ski runs. Routes at www.bezky-kolo-pesky.cz


Horňácko is one of the culturally most distinct folklore regions in the Czech Republic. Folk music and singing made famous by names such as Jožka Kubí, Martin Hrbáč or the Holí Brothers are gaining more and more enthusiastic fans. You can experience folklore in its authentic form at the Horňácko Celebrations in Velké nad Veličkou. You can find gems of vernacular architecture at the villages of Hrubá Vrbka and Javorník or at the outdoor museum in Strážnice. For more information see www.slovacko.cz

a region of wine and spirits

Southeast Moravia is a promised land for wine (it lies within the Slovácko wine making region). Magnificent vineyard architecture decorated with varicoloured Slovácko ornamentation can be found in the surrounding area, particularly in Strážnice, Petrově-Plže or Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem. It’s not only wine though that makes southeast Moravia a happy place. A strong tradition of distilling fruit spirits persists, particularly in Horňácko, the best known of these being Horňácká slivovice.

cultural heritage

You can travel to the past in the footsteps of J. A. Komensky at museums in Uherský Brod, Nivnice and Komni. Well-known Moravian painter Joža Úprka, a representative of the romantic Historicist style and decorative Art Nouveau style, was born in 1861 in Kněždub. The house he was born in still stands, and he is buried in the local cemetery along with his younger brother František and another well-known native of Kněždub, painter Antoš Frolk. Horňácko is remarkable as an area where several religious communities — Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish — live together.